On Christmas, 4 items were added to Redungeon.

The items are shown below

Christmas Tree Edit

Christmas tree

These trees have lights glowing on them.

They act as decoration, and can block the player movements.

There was a chance that Panic Bot would get stuck between his two recharging tesla coils and the Christmas tree, but Eneminds fixed it.

Christmas tree lights affect surrounding tiles, giving them a blue, green, or reddish color.

Presents Edit


Presents act like chests, but gives more coins than they usually do.

Example: Chests give 5 coins, presents give 7 coins.

In some dungeon layouts, presents replace chests.

Snowman Edit


Snowmen act like vases.

Just like vases, they need to be hit 2 times in order to break.

A snowman will appear headless after you hit it once, like a cracked vase.

Snowflake effect Edit


There will be falling snowflakes as you go through the dungeon.

They won't affect your gameplay, only act as decoration.

They fade off eventually after appearing.