"A brilliant mechanic, Nate can wrench his way out of anything."

Nathaniel costs 2500 coins to unlock, and is the 4th unlockable character.

He is one of the two characters that have a helper.

Nathaniel can destroy all traps, excluding creatures and statues.

Abilities Edit

Starter - [Passive] Mechanical Squad - Drones that take out traps automatically.

Takes time to cooldown between disablings (per drone)

Unlockable - [Activate] Target Practice - Destroys all visible traps on the screen.

Appearance Edit

Nathaniel have brown hair and mustache.

He can be categorized as a cyborg, due to his electronic right eye and robotic right arm.

He appears to hold his wrench on the select screen, but nowhere to be seen when runs through the dungeon.

He also doesn't have a pupil in his eyes.

Nathaniel seems to be very reminiscent to other steampunk themed scientists.